With this pin board wall solution, you will be able to create a wall from floor to ceiling. These pin board walls are available in four colors.
Whiteboardtavle til projektion. Whiteboardtavle med mat overflade.
One board, two functions. These projection whiteboards are suitable for writing on with markers but they also work as a canvas for projection. Available in various formats and desings for wall mouting.
Whiteboardtavle med printet turneringsplan
Smart whiteboard with a printed and magnetic surface. Very useful in discussing the game tactics. Most popular boards are: Football, hockey, basketball and a tournament-board. But for every sport you can create a board.
Whiteboardtavle vendbar på mobil stativ
Smart double sided whiteboard, made of white enamel steel. For moving the revolving board frequently or intensively. Available in seven sizes.
Kridttavle med grøn emaljeret stål magnetisk overflade
Chalkboard made of green enamelled steel. Magnetic and erasable surface. Available in four different colours and nine different sizes.
  • VPL-EW345
    This projector from Sony, stands presentations extremely sharp, since the surface is not disturbed by reflections from the projector on the surface of the whiteboard.

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Whiteboard Nordic is proud to offer our selection of environmental friendly products. We do the best we can to make the small contributions to preserving our environment.For instance we only use biodegradable water-based adhesives and our runners are packed in a cardboard box. Our whiteboard marker is made of only water based inks and we supply recyclable flipchart paper. Furthermore, many of our products are recyclable or environmentally alternatives.

We are aware of our responsibility and will be committed, also in the future, to include only high quality and responsible products in our product range. 


When you choose green office supplies made with recycled material, you are ensuring that fewer trees are cut down. Eco-friendly office supplies are important for the green-minded business and your employees, co-workers, friends and family will appreciate your decision to choose green office products. Last but not least, you make a positive impact on the environment.


Before you use your whiteboard for the first time, you should clean the surface with a clear, humid cloth. Only use special whiteboard markers and clean your board intensive with a cloth at least once a week. The surfaces of our whiteboards are very easy to clean without using any unhealthy solvents, which helps both our environment and also the maintenance of the high quality of our whiteboards.

We recommend, that you also use our cleaning spray to get rid off the remains of the markers. 


Note: A chalk board may not be treated with any kind of detergent, however mild it may be! You  should only use clean water on the surface.